My Story

My Passion is family and spreading the message of inner peace, reconciliation and living authentically!

I’ve always believed that family comes first. I am the proud mama of 6 grown children: 4 daughters and two sons. I am also blessed with 4 grandsons that I’m over the moon about. Oh! and my grand fur babies: Mia, Mellie, Zelda, Gonzo, Piper, Lucy and Arya. They are all my loves!

I am about to openly share my messy story with you, because I want you to know, that a jagged and imperfect path can someday lead to an amazing career that you love. Not all success is achieved in a straight, predictable path. Your purpose eventually finds you!

The last 40 years of my journey is what shaped me into the person I am today. My life story and experiences are what motivated me to become a leader, start my own coaching business and start a movement: “The Ageless Woman Movement”. I love supporting and inspiring women of all ages to find their unique voice and empower them through intuitive inner peace coaching.

Here is my back story:

I’m a 1950’s child of Italian and Hungarian descent, born in Upstate N.Y. Life was sweet and simple.

I thought I was in love at 19 and moved away from my midwest family home, to Long Island, N.Y. to begin my journey as an independent adult. Heck I was just barely out of my teens! What was I thinking?We eventually married, but walking down the isle, I felt that I was making a terrible mistake. I should have listened to that small, quiet voice. It ended in divorce, a year later with no children.

Lessons: Don’t be afraid to listen to your gut and don’t Ignore Red Flags

Well….truth is I continued to ignore the red flags! The second marriage lasted 25 years, and we were blessed with six wonderful children, but the marriage was turbulent. Our life was an emotional roller coaster. What kind of day we all had depended on my husbands mood of the moment.

Looking back, rather than acknowledge the obvious issues, it was easier to ignore them and pretend they didn’t exist. My life was exhausting and ignoring the dysfunction in our home, added to the burden.

Fifteen years went by, suddenly I’m in my mid-forties, depressed and wondering what the heck happened to the happy life I once imagined? This is what happens when you don’t address the issues head on.

Lessons: A chronic state of unhappiness will lead to physical ailments, Ignoring problems doesn’t make them go away, Don’t be afraid of change, Acknowledge your problems and get counsel!

Then: I felt powerless and invisible in the marriage. I felt I had no “voice” and failed to stand up for myself or others. I was the “nice” girl who didn’t want to make waves or confront anyone. I was talked over, lied to, yelled at and I believed that my feelings or voice didn’t count or matter. Looking back, my self worth was at an all time low and my energy was extremely low. I felt very small, in a very big world.

Now: I want to stand up, stand out and shout it out to all women in such relationships to seek counsel immediately and stand up for yourself, because you matter!

As a result of holding in years of emotional stress, my physical health declined. I was experiencing widespread inflammation:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Osteo-Arthritis
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Disordered Eating
  • Depression
  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Adrenal Burn-Out (twice) from excessive stress and long work outs in the gym
Lesson: Great health involves way more than just diet and exercise!

Self Worth, inner peace and balance were missing from my life. With a demanding family and business life and six children to raise; I didn’t believe there was time for me, which was a big mistake. It’s important to set aside time for yourself and figure it out!

Boy, I sure could have used a Life Coach to guide and support me through the challenges that seemed impossible at the time!

Lesson: All things have a way of working out and with faith all things are possible

So, here I was at 53: Widowed, broke, five children still living at home, and no life insurance!

I wasn’t prepared for how difficult things were going to get. The marriage was hanging on by a thread, when my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and 2 months to live. Five of our six children were still living at home, the youngest was just 9 years old.

There are no words to describe the fear I felt and the emotions that ran through me at the moment when I realized that the kids and I were in for a rough time.

There were many kind and generous people who came to our side! We got through each challenge by the grace of God, and the loving support and help from family, friends and even co-workers.

At 53, I learned how to forgive and eventually how to heal the emotions, events and beliefs that disabled me most of my adult life. At age 54, I met Lee, who would become my partner and companion for the next 15 years.
Lee and I in the early days!

I resolved my physical conditions and emotional pain without prescriptions or medical intervention. I am no longer considered Type 2 Diabetic, since my sugar has been stable now for over 20 years. My health care consists of: Movement (Walking and Yoga), Meditation, Nutrition, Vitamin and herb Supplements, finding pleasure, connecting regularly with friends and family, accepting life daily, and consistent prayer.

I can say with assurance, that I’ve come to the place of BODY|MIND|SPIRIT all working together in harmony. However, when I am out of balance, I know it and I take care to work through it and correct immediately – I don’t push things away for any length of time.

I have experienced and deeply understand:

  • Emotional pain
  • Betrayal by both women and men
  • Financial destruction
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Depression
  • Feeling “not good enough”
  • Not having a voice
Truly you can make anything become possible, and change the direction of your life


Qualifications: I went after my life-long dream career in health and wellness, earning the following certifications: Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor with additional training in the neuroscience of yoga and slow movement, and Certified MAP Practitioner.

I love: Relaxing any time of the day, Family gatherings, Slow Mindful Yoga, Coffee shop meet ups, Cozy cafes with friends, Creating, Painting, Meditation, Long walks, Movies with a touch of Romance, the food show “Chopped”, TV re-runs like Seinfeld and Friends, and an occasional glass of wine!

​Age has nothing to do with happiness, it has to do with mindset!  Inner Peace is Ageless​  

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Jodi harris
Jodi harris
1 year ago

Wow!this woman is driving the get away car 2 all of life’s in the problem.or find a solution.when the pain gets great enough,we will seek change.she offers practical heart felt spiritual guidance.also nutrition tips,w slow mindful yoga all works together for the good.🙏she keeps what she has,by giving it away.serving others is her gift.