MAP Coaching Packages

“Through the art of gentle inquiry during MAP coaching sessions, the client realizes the answers are already inside them.”

– Debbie Laino

Private MAP Coaching Sessions for Rapid Transformation of mindset

Description of MAP METHOD Sessions:  MAP stands for Making anything Possible. New things become possible for a client when the resistance and blocks are removed.

The subconscious mind, runs and controls about 90-95% of our thoughts, behaviors, and physiological functions each day.

This groundbreaking method of coaching can help clients overcome painful memories, deeply ingrained patterns of chronic stress, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors, and traumatic events and experiences.

The MAP Method essentially rewires the brain for positive change.

All of the following 90 Minute MAP Sessions are Private, and scheduled live with me on ZOOM

One MAP Session: $199.00

Package of 4 MAP Coaching Sessions: $699.00

Package of 5 MAP Coaching Sessions “Time Line Clearing”: $799.00

The Time Line Clearing is a mind blowing reveal of your life. What, may take a year or more to accomplish through traditional talk therapy can be done in five sessions and session #5 will work on what is present for you now and having clarity on your next step. The Timeline Clearing provides insight into the life patterns that were formed from birth, early childhood and followed you into adulthood to the present day.

Package of 6 MAP Coaching Sessions: $899.00

Package of 8 MAP Coaching Sessions: $999.00

Package of 12 MAP Sessions GOLD PROGRAM: $1,450.00