Coaching Services

Each Live Zoom Coaching Session with me is designed just for you, and done within the privacy of your home. Each package comes with unlimited texts and emails between sessions for accountability and Q & A. You will also receive a detailed summary of the work we did in each session.

NEW PROGRAM Overcome Emotional Eating

Eight Week Virtual “LIVE” Coaching Program via ZOOM. Release the subconscious “weight” of Emotional Eating and pave the way to your ideal weight by achieving a healthy relationship with food and yourself.

This is the ideal program for you, if you have been a yo yo dieter. This is NOT your typical diet and exercise program! The focus is on: acknowledging and neutralizing the emotional patterns of compulsive eating, establishing a healthy relationship with food, healthy self love, creating self care practices, knowing your worth, developing healthy habits & routines, healthy self image and confidence.

We work on acknowledging, then neutralizing the emotions and beliefs that often lead to mindless overeating. This journey leads to the ultimate goal of reaching a healthy weight with sustainable new healthy habits. Weight loss varies depending on the individual.

I tested this program with a 6 week trial, and all participants lost weight, ranging from 6 -12 lbs. The following are some of the many testimonials I received after after just 6 weeks:

“My emotional eating is mostly gone, self hatred has been neutralized, I believe your program was very effective. Thank you for all that you have done for us over those 6 weeks. Your AMAZING!!!”

“Yes! I have overcome some habits I was hoping to break; I have learned to identify when I’m eating for the wrong reasons; I healed long-standing hurts that had contributed to my dysfunctional eating habits, making it easier to enjoy eating healthily. Debbie is so insightful, knew the questions to ask and the areas to treat. She is a masterful coach. I am grateful.”

I’ve become much more mindful and self aware. Surprisingly for me is how the negative view of my body has changed, I’m much less critical and more appreciative of the amazing things my body does for me. I’ve become grateful for things I’ve taken for granted in the past.

“Gave me self confidence and some of the reasons for weight gain.”

“This program has helped me so much to get over most of my desperate and unconscious eating and those painful emotional feelings of hunger. I was not making the best food choices and things have definitely changed for the better. I have more awareness and gratitude about food and taking better care of my body by eating more healthy foods. Thank you Debbie!”

EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE 1:1 Sessions has two payment options:

Option 1: Pay as you go at $125.00 for each 90 minute session

Option 2: Pay all sessions up front at $799.00 at a Savings of $200.00

To sign up and schedule for Private Sessions, contact me personally at or call 513-801-5701

Overcoming Emotional Eating is a Journey of Love, Discovery and Empowerment.

One on One MAP Coaching Session

One 90 Minute MAP Session

An Introductory MAP (Make Anything Possible) session is the right choice for you if you aren’t sure about signing up for a coaching program. We will do the introductory session, then proceed to clear a phobia, fear or belief.

Investment: $125.00

Getting a “taste” of the MAP Coaching experience!

Timeline Clearing

This consists of four 90 minute Individual MAP Coaching Sessions.

This is a great place to start your coaching experience, and it provides a wide range of benefits. The Timeline Clearing is typically full of insight into the life patterns that are formed from birth, early childhood and follow into adulthood.

The timeline clearing will explore events from conception to present day and clear any trauma or negative emotions and beliefs that surface from the memory of specific events, as well as the trauma you may not remember.

You do NOT have to recall or remember everything for the trauma to be cleared. This makes the process very gentle.

Clients report a sense of lightness, having a clean slate, and feeling more peacefulness in their innermost being.

Investment: $399.00

Timeline Clearing, an insightful journey, clearing the patterns that formed earlier in life, up to present moment and opening up a future of exciting possibilities.

Package of 4 MAP Coaching Sessions

These are four 90 minute MAP sessions and is the ideal selection if you want to customize your sessions, working on the topics of your choice.

Investment: $399.00

Package of 6 MAP Coaching Sessions

These are six 90 minute MAP sessions and is the ideal selection if you want to customize your sessions. Alot can be accomplished in 6 sessions.

Investment: $599.00

Package of 8 MAP Coaching Sessions

This is eight 90 minute sessions. MAP clears the way for infinite possibilities that will positively impact and open up your future.

After 8 sessions you will come away with knowing; you are enough, you have the power to change, you know what you want, you are confident in who you are, and positioned to attract the right opportunities.

Investment: $799.00