How to Become a Client

It all begins with a friendly 45 minute “getting to know you” conversation via Zoom, or phone to answer your questions. Then we determine if we are a good fit for entering into a coaching relationship. There is no pressure or obligation during this call, but this could be the one conversation that really impacts your future.

If you choose to sign up to an AGELESS WOMAN Coaching Package, I will then email you a Client Intake Questionnaire and Coaching Agreement to sign. I will follow up with an Introductory Video to prepare you for the work we do during a MAP session – This is called your Introductory First Session. We will also schedule times and dates for your sessions.

Your first Introductory Session is what lays the foundation for all your sessions. We teach the brain the neutralizing process, by giving a set of instructions to the subconscious. Then we choose a simple fear or phobia to focus on in this first session, like for example: fear of spiders. This session typically lasts 90 minutes. The typical time frame for my sessions beyond the first one is up to two hours.

The average number of sessions to create some powerful breakthroughs for the clients I’ve worked with is four. The amount of sessions it takes for clients to experience powerful transformation varies depending on the complexity of issues, and how quickly your brain processes and integrates the new information.

What is fascinating about Coaching sessions, is that no two are alike, and its always intriguing to discover what beliefs comes up in each one.

Once you have completed one of my programs, you are eligible for Tune Up sessions, which is offered at a discounted rate of $75.00. You can refer to Coaching Services to review my coaching packages. I have crafted each program with a true desire for YOU to rise up and live your best life with more pleasure!

When we make peace within ourselves, we make peace with the outside world.