“I attended the Visioning Workshop with Debbie Laino via Zoom in mid-January, completely uncertain what to expect… which was the PERFECT way to show up! I have been in a time of major transition and was a bit leary to deal with VISIONING anything at all. However, I have worked with Debbie using the MAP process 1:1 in the past and have always been amazed by the organic and spontaneous ways that necessary and helpful “issues” have risen to the surface to be addressed, offering renewal and comfort. So, I showed up. And I am so glad I did. By the end of the group zoom session, not only had I personally cleared and made peace with some old internal demons; I also had the amazing opportunity to share space and witness others doing the same. Such an honor and privilege. We began as strangers and, by the grace of the process and the gentle holding of the space, by the end we had connected in heart-soul ways that lightened and empowered each one of us. As one of the women was sharing her experience of the guided meditation, I had an intense and instant internal breakthrough in finally understanding an ongoing frustration in a current relationship – this new awareness has offered me clarity and resolution from a chronic pattern of relating – and will clear the way for me to show up differently from now on. That…. is priceless. Thank you, Debbie, for offering your very special and unique gifts to others in just the way you do. I highly recommend just showing up for Debbie’s offerings, if and when you feel called to do so…. even (and maybe especially) if you do not know WHY. ” – Robin O. Montgomery, Ohio

“Attending the “Clearing the way for 2022” workshop with Debbie was a lovely experience. I have done similar work and workshops over the years. Debbie has a unique and beautiful way of facilitating that I personally found very powerful.” -Barb Z., Kettering, Oh.

“I have had the great opportunity to receive multiple MAP sessions with Debbie over the past few months. This unique approach of tapping into pure Self has surprised and amazed me with its depth and far reaching impact. I have been able to relieve ongoing personal patterns and blockages in a gentle yet extremely powerful way. Debbie’s capacity to hold safe space and provide guidance with compassion during each session makes it easy to be present and receive and integrate the wisdom that shows up from within. She is an intent and gracious listener, offering useful and simple instructions during each session. Her insightful follow up summaries via email are like receiving a personalized, thoughtful gift, deepening the power of each session. Not only have I experienced profound personal release, but I have also seen the positive impact her sessions have had on my partner as he has addressed and released painful patterns from his past and moved into claiming his voice, his power and his gifts in ways that provide peace not only for him, but also for those he serves in his multiple modalities of holistic energy and coaching. I highly recommend MAP sessions with Debbie to anyone who desires to grow beyond past pain, trauma or limiting beliefs.” -Robin O’Neal, Creative Dream Enhancer

As a therapist and Life Coach, I have practiced many different techniques and had a lot of experiences with people in the helping field. I was curious about the MAP process mostly because I was drawn to Debbie’s kind spirit. During our sessions, I was amazed by the issues that surfaced that I had no idea existed in me. Even after years of both professional and personal work, I was thrilled by the awareness and insight that surfaced in such a gentle, non-invasive manner. The MAP sessions uncovered some very deep-seated patterns and struggles that have been there a very long time. This process helps reveal significant long-standing issues in such a gentle and easy and Debbie is an absolute joy to work with, so no need to fear or delay any longer! Thank you Debbie for the healing in a simple, kind manner.” -Allyson Blythe, LCSW & Certified Life Coach, Author, and Podcaster “The Ally Effect”

Debbie had sent me her recorded Meditation: At Peace with Pain, to listen to while recovering from surgery. Last night I was in tears in pain with my ankle and emotionally. So I got comfy and did the meditation. That meditation is seriously AMAZING!!! Calmed me down and took me to another place and I was able to rest peaceful after that. Thank you for being such a spectacular woman!! God has seriously given you a gift and purpose. -Debbie V. Summerfield, Florida

“I have been working on myself for years, and had thought that I had found, and dealt with, most of the buried stuff. In spite of some negative recent events, I was still feeling gratitude and had a positive outlook on things. As I was talking with Debbie about these things she offered me her “Chakra Clearing” session. All I can say is WOW. I could feel the shifts as we addressed each chakra. As the session continued, we reached one that was feeling a bit stuck, and what a surprise to find more of that old stuff buried there. A couple of days has passed and I am feeling amazing. I can see the shifts in my thoughts and beliefs, and just feel so much more complete, peaceful, and light.” -Sandy B., Florida

“I have been searching for just the right words to express my thanks to Debbie for her gentle and spiritual approach, as she implements the MAP coaching strategies which have helped me to find inner peace. I believe the words in this poem by George Eliot capture the essence of Debbie’s transformative work: “Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person; having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but to pour them all out, just as they are, chaff and grain together, knowing that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then, with the breath of kindness, blow the rest away.” Thank you, Debbie💖 -Cecilia C. N.Y.

“With Debbie I explored and reconnected with a part of me that I had silenced and put in a prison for the past 10 years….I was so afraid to let it out because I feared this part would again be creating havoc in my life…With Debbie’s help I could listened to that part’s sadness at being locked up…such an emotional journey! We created for that part a new space in which it could go out and play, without creating havoc elsewhere! It has truly been a Transformational experience for me! I am so grateful so Debbie and her MAP Coaching for this re-union with this part of me… I feel while once again!”💕 Julie R., Canada

“Debbie Laino uses a holistic approach to support your personal transformation. She is the go to for women who want to find peace amidst a storm. Debbie is a lovely soul and her gentle methods will provide you deep emotional healing. I would recommend anyone to have a session with her.” -Sofie H., Asia

“My coaching session with Debbie was a blessing! When we started there was a lot of suffering and pain, disappointment and even anger about what I was experiencing in my relationship with a loved person. My chest felt heavy and tight. Debbie’s calm, centered, compassionate approach and her encouragement gave me space to experience chains of negative memories and emotions. The cleansing light visualization literally showered the negativity away. The tapping procedure made the pressure in my chest disappear and supported me to open my heart. I instantly found myself creating ideas for how to improve. Since this session, my relationship changed a lot. There is more room – again – to express love, gratitude, and appreciation for each other. We are continuously working on it. Thank you so much, Debbie! The session with you was life-changing! I highly recommend booking a session with Debbie!” -Jenna F. , Hawaii

“I recently had a session with Debbie and it was great. I wasn’t sure that I would feel any different but after just that one session I feel great. I was really struggling and my heart was heavy. I look forward to working with Debbie on a regular basis and am so excited for more positive changes in my life!” Thank you Debbie❤️ -Tara M., Hamilton, Ohio

“The method that Debbie uses is amazing – highly recommend to anyone who wants to feel more connected to themselves and live more authentically!” -Anne C. New Zealand

“My coaching session with Debbie Laino was monumental! I worked on quieting my Ego part and receiving/listening to the divine guidance – what is of course much easier when the Ego isn’t so talkative and the mind is empty. Debbie guided me extraordinarily and profoundly through the process and I was able to identify the entire thought chains alerting my mind reinforced through a failure scanning technique I developed and installed working as a scientist. This technique was essential to identify any failures in my data, my logic, my theory and to remove them … I never questioned this technique for I thought it was beneficial for me.” “I was also able to connect with my Ego part and ask her to step back and watch. She agreed to contribute in a new way.” “I’m free now. My mind is quiet. I’m ready to listen and to receive guidance. I’m one with God. All is well! Thank you, Debbie, for this gift of a quiet mind! I highly recommend booking a session with Debbie!!” -Dr. Jenna Foster, social psychologist, NLP-Coach and Trainer, Hypnosis-Coach, Ho’oponopono Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Certified Energy Practitioner, and MAP-Coach. Founder of Live Up to You! and Create Life You Desire!

“We met for an hour via Zoom, so I didn’t have to leave my house. (Bonus!) It is very introspective, so you can share details about what is bothering you or you can keep it vague. I would describe it as a coached, but self-guided therapy. It was really peaceful and I can honestly say that I felt emotionally lighter afterwards.” -Pam D. Seattle

“Debbie has such a soul filled spirit we prayed together and I moved through a broken relationship that has done a 180 degree turn.   If you are looking for a partner to explore with you she is patient, kind and generous and you move at the pace best for you.” -Rhonda A. Fairfield, Oh

“Debbie is takes your hand and gently guides you to wellness, both physically and emotionally. After my corporate career burn out Debbie helped restore me. She has a vast knowledge on nutrition, yoga and now MAP. I would trust Debbie with my checkbook and my first born!”  -Rhonda A. Fairfield, Oh.

Yes! I have overcome some habits I was hoping to break; I have learned to identify when I’m eating for the wrong reasons; I healed long-standing hurts that had contributed to my dysfunctional eating habits, making it easier to enjoy eating healthily. Debbie is so insightful, knew the questions to ask and the areas to treat. She is a masterful coach. I am grateful” -Anonymous Participant in 6 wk. Weightloss Trial

“The 6 week weight loss trial has helped me so much to get over most of my desperate and unconscious eating and those painful emotional feelings of hunger. I was not making the best food choices and things have definitely changed for he better. I have more awareness and gratitude about food and taking better care of my body by eating more healthy foods. Thank you Debbie!” –Anonymous Participant in Weight Loss Trial

“My emotional eating is mostly gone, self hatred has been neutralized, I believe your program was very effective Thank you for all that you have done for us over those 6 weeks. Your AMAZING!” Anonymous Participant in Weight Loss Trial

“I’ve become much more mindful and self aware. Surprisingly for me, is how the negative view of my body has changed. I’m much less critical and more appreciative of the amazing things my body does for me. I’ve become grateful for things I’ve taken for granted in the past.” -Anonymous Participant in Weight Loss Trial

“Debbie, you were wonderful, I learned a lot about myself, and what I do to sabotage. I’ve never felt more committed to continue this journey, and I believe it’s because I understand myself better, I’m well on my way towards lifelong health and wellness. Thank you!! ” -Anonymous Participant in 2nd Weight Loss Study

“Debbie, our instructor was excellent in making sure all the materials were available prior to each session. she would check in with each one of us privately if there was a need. She was great about starting on time . She would end our session yet allowed for extra time for anyone to share their thoughts .The sharing was enjoyable as it allowed for each of us to hear someone else’s challenges ,success, particular situation was different than the others. I didn’t loose the weight I hoped for but it was entirely my fault. I had essentially been on vacation throughout this program as my daughter was home for the summer from Australia. We were constantly having gatherings, dinners, & treats. We just had a blast and I did not stick to any diet plan at all. The one thing I can say was a success for me was that I did make better food choices when eating. Sweets have always been a downfall for me but I can honestly say I do not desire them like I used to and I could say no to eating them (sometimes). I do believe the MAP portion of the program has helped train my SC mind to turn off the strong desire for the sweets. I think that had I not been doing this program , I might have gained alot of weight (my daughter gained 13 pounds while visiting). For that reason alone , i feel like this program really helped me because I could have fallen in that same weight gain. Overall, I’m happy I did this program . I did miss 2 sessions due to family activities but plan to go back & listen as Debbie did record each one for us in case we could not attend. This has been a great experience. Thank you. ” – Anonymous Participant in 2nd Weight Loss Study