What Makes My Coaching Style Unique?

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I offer a blend of integrative health coaching, while also utilizing the MAP method of coaching to leverage the self healing power of the brain. When needed, I offer uniquely created guided meditations during the session to help you integrate and process. There is a sense of calm peace that surrounds you by the end of each session. For those who are faith based, I will always pray with you.

The subconscious mind, controls about 90-95% of our thoughts, behaviors, and physiological functions each day. This groundbreaking method of coaching can help clients neutralize painful memories, deeply ingrained patterns of chronic stress, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors, and emotional trauma. This inner work has a profound impact on every aspect of your health and well being!

Perhaps, you’re not even aware that a past event or experience which seemed insignificant at the time, is what led to a life long belief of “I’m never good enough” or “I’m not heard” or “It’s not safe to ask for help” or “I’ll never get over it”. We retrain the brain using commands to the superconscious, neutralize and treat the intense negative emotions and beliefs that are attached to an event, and recreate a positive, yet more accurate belief.

With this method of coaching you can unlearn any beliefs and overcome negative emotions within minutes.

We can neutralize events that occurred pre-birth in the womb or at any other time during your lifetime. Yes, even while you were developing in the womb, your brain started collecting a non-verbal, primitive set of emotions and beliefs. It is not hypnosis, as there is no hypnotic state inducement. You stay totally awake and aware and you are in control of the entire session.

This is a very gentle and respectful process. The experience of being surrounded with profound peace after the brain has processed the new information; is the most remarkable thing that I witness in every session with each client.

Also, what makes this method of coaching so unique, is that you don’t have to share the details of your trauma or issue with your Coach/Practitioner. You won’t even need to remember the details of your event or issue. The brain is obviously aware of its own programs. This is ideal for the intensely private individual, or for a person who is easily embarrassed and doesn’t want to share or relive their experiences out loud.

In summary, we clear the negative beliefs, emotions and events that are keeping you stuck and blocking you from success and happiness. Then we help the brain rewire itself and create new circuits to prepare for the new positive future. Who wouldn’t desire that?