What is MAP?

What makes my Coaching Method different from other coaches?

I offer a blend of integrative health coaching when needed, while also utilizing the MAP method of coaching to leverage the self healing power of the brain, while the client is in a quiet mindful state. The subconscious mind, controls about 90-95% of our thoughts, behaviors, and physiological functions each day, MAP can help clients overcome painful memories, deeply ingrained patterns of chronic stress, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors, and traumatic experiences. Working together to free you from these patterns can have a profound impact on every aspect of health and well being!

During the coaching session I partner with your subconscious to clear the blocks, that have kept you feeling stuck in patterns of thought and behavior that aren’t benefitting you. After clearing, we then have the opportunity to retrain the brain for more success and happiness so you can create the life you are desiring. During the sessions, you experience and witness your innate wisdom, and therefore open the door to unlimited possibilities!

Wouldn’t it be nice to break free from the events, emotions, and beliefs that have held you back from having your best life? Perhaps, you’re not even aware that a past event or experience which seemed insignificant at the time, may have led to a life long “subconscious negative self belief”. These are the things that end up sabotaging your present and future happiness and success.

Free to be me

This unique method of coaching is on the advancing edge of neurobiology.  We clear subconscious blocks by training the brain to find and neutralize the negative unconscious memories and beliefs. This means that you don’t have to know, remember, or understand why you have a block. Therefore, you can easily and safely release your inner blocks and finally reach your full potential.

With this method of coaching you can unlearn any unwanted memories, traumas, beliefs, negative emotions within minutes. We do this by leveraging the latest discovery in neuroscience, training the brain to heal itself via the Window of Re-consolidation. Once the brain is trained, we instruct the brain to neutralize specific negative memories, emotions, and patterns, and it is able to do so within minutes. Results can vary from person to person.

With this method of coaching we can neutralize events that occurred pre-birth in the womb or at any other time during your lifetime. Yes, even while you were developing in the womb, your brain started collecting a non-verbal, primitive set of emotions and beliefs. It is not hypnosis, as there is no hypnotic state inducement. You stay totally awake and aware and you are in control of the entire session. As your Practitioner, I am trained to work in alignment with the inner wisdom that comes from you, using a process called muscle checking along with intuition.

This is a very gentle and respectful process. An emotion that comes up in a session, might last 3-5 minutes but is then followed by a great sense of peace. The experience of being surrounded with profound peace after the brain has processed the new information; is the most remarkable thing I see in every session with every client.

With this coaching process we have easy and unlimited access to subconscious memories. We can instruct the brain to find all the memories connected to a pattern and ask the brain to upgrade the ones that are painful and non-supportive.

We can also instruct the subconscious to find all the events in a lifetime that are associated with a similar pattern, experience or feeling and neutralize them all at once, which saves lots of time and painful moments. You don’t have to remember the details.

As you look at the image below, you can see how highly influenced we are in our daily lives by what is stored in the subconscious mind. Can you imagine what life could be like, if your brain was able to neutralize your negative beliefs and emotions and be wired more for positive thinking? This is now possible.

Also, what makes this method of coaching so unique, is that you don’t have to share the details of your trauma or issue with your Coach/Practitioner. You don’t even need to remember anything about your event or issue. The brain is obviously aware of its own programs. This is ideal for the intensely private individual, or for a person who is easily embarrassed and doesn’t want to share or relive their experiences out loud.

MAP stands for Making Anything Possible. Map makes it possible to create new neural pathways towards creating a new future. We only clear the beliefs, emotions and events that are blocking the path and then we actually help the brain rewire itself and create new circuits to prepare for the new positive future, with ideal self empowering emotions and beliefs. Who wouldn’t desire that?