Have you spent endless time, money and energy on your outward appearance, but inside you feel conflict, unhappiness, and stuck in negative patterns of behavior?

You are WAY more than just a physical body!

Do you find yourself competing and comparing yourself to others?

Is your inner critic guiding you, causing you to self sabotage?

Are you feeling “stuck” in a negative mindset, and don’t know how to go forward?

Are you ready to take back your power, but don’t know where or how to start?

I’ve spent years searching for the perfect combination of trainings and tools to help my fellow sisters (and some brothers) to resolve past trauma. My coaching process neutralizes the subconscious negative beliefs that were formed throughout one’s life. If left unchecked, this can create inner turmoil into adult life. My trainings have equipped me to work gently with the subconscious mind and restore your innermost being.

What changes can I expect from coaching sessions?

  • Restored confidence and self-image
  • Traumatic memories are neutralized and the emotional pain is removed
  • No more fear of judgment or failure
  • Overcoming Emotional Eating patterns
  • A noticeable sense of inner peace and tranquility
  • Resolving beliefs that have subconsciously sabotaged you
  • Creating new healthy habits and routines that support your goals

A shift in perspective can change your life in a nano-second

I have witnessed many women being restored in multiple areas: resolving inner conflict, decision making, finding their purpose, gaining new insightful perspectives and more! The subconscious mind can be retrained and learn how to resolve and neutralize problematic negative energies and patterns. Greater joy and peace comes with this!

It was my own story that inspired me to become a diversified coach.

It took over 30 years of life experience and trials, to shape me into the person I am today. Now I can say with confidence that my super-power is being able to coach, teach, and guide my clients in powerful ways to achieve inner peace and success beyond measure. Empowering women of all ages and witnessing the transformation and renewal of their mind has been a great joy.

Here are some of the things clients have said, after experiencing my brand of coaching:

Client testimony: This unique approach of tapping into pure Self has surprised and amazed me with its depth and far reaching impact. I have been able to relieve ongoing personal patterns and blockages in a gentle yet extremely powerful way. Debbie’s capacity to hold safe space and provide guidance with compassion during each session makes it easy to be present and receive and integrate the wisdom that shows up from within. Robin O’Neal

Client testimony: “As a therapist and Life Coach, I have practiced many different techniques and had a lot of experiences with people in the helping field. I was curious about the MAP process mostly because I was drawn to Debbie’s kind spirit. During our sessions, I was amazed by the issues that surfaced that I had no idea existed in me. Even after years of both professional and personal work, I was thrilled by the awareness and insight that surfaced in such a gentle, non-invasive manner. The MAP sessions uncovered some very deep-seated patterns and struggles that have been there a very long time. This process helps reveal significant long-standing issues in such a gentle and easy way and Debbie is an absolute joy to work with, so no need to fear or delay any longer! Thank you Debbie for the healing in a simple, kind manner. Allyson Blythe, LCSW & Certified Life Coach

My joy as a leader and a coach is to create a safe environment for you to witness and explore your thoughts, inspire your imagination with a brilliant ray of hope, and ignite your inner wisdom, enabling you to craft a brighter future, and becoming all that you were meant to be.

Welcome to The Ageless Woman Movement

My MOVEMENT is for women to come into their full power and shed the beliefs that make them think they aren’t good enough. YOU are enough, and my mission is to help you realize that! I am a catalyst for change; cutting through the stereotypes and biases we’ve been historically conditioned to on the idea of beauty.

My PASSION is to inspire you to thrive rather than to survive and bring awareness to your “state of health” and “state of mind”, so you can truly enjoy life decade after decade. The message is not to look 25 forever, but to fully enjoy life forever.

My MESSAGE is to be fearless towards the art of living life.

“Age” doesn’t stop you from anything, however, a negative mindset and poor health can stop you from living life to the fullest at any age.

I blended my trainings into a compassionate coaching approach that balances MIND|BODY|SPIRIT

Overcoming Emotional Eating is my newest coaching program!

Exclusive 1:1 private sessions

Do you turn to food, when actually you’re not hungry?

Diets do not fix what causes you to eat when you’re not hungry!

What messages are your emotions telling you?

Release the “weight” of Emotional Eating and slowly but steadily reach your ideal goals. This is NOT a diet and exercise program! However, healthy lifestyle practices are highly recommended at the start of the program.

I ran a 6 week trial with 12 clients, and they all lost weight by the end of the program. Here’s one testimony from the trial:

“Yes! I have overcome some habits I was hoping to break; I have learned to identify when I’m eating for the wrong reasons ; I healed long-standing hurts that had contributed to my dysfunctional eating habits, making it easier to enjoy eating healthily. Debbie is so insightful, knew the questions to ask and the areas to treat. She is a masterful coach. I am grateful.”

For more details and information on this new program, and other coaching services, click on:

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Jodi harris
Jodi harris
10 months ago

Coach deb meets you where you are.. humble,kind,patient,caring,your best Intrest @ heart.first@ foremost. She help you achieve your best self..

Jodi harris
Jodi harris
10 months ago

Coach Deb has our best interest@ heart..experience.strength@ hope..beyond measure..🙏