Age became my friend, as I transitioned from chronically stressed and depressed 40 something mom, to a happy, self assured, well balanced 50 something with a renewed sense of self and life.
Burnt out and overwhelmed in my early 40’s
Nine years into transforming my health at age 53

It took decades for me to wake up and change the direction of my life, and I did, as you can see from comparing these two pictures! 

I was great at mothering others, but not great at mothering myself. If you’re feeling like my 40 something self did, I can help you!

The major issue I faced in my 40’s, was not knowing what to do with years of bottled up anger, humiliation, frustration, and hurt from a rough marriage. I sought help in my early 50’s, and did the work through years of traditional talk therapy. The good news, is that nearly a decade later, I found a brilliant coaching method that works faster, easier and with long lasting results….so I enrolled in the program and became a Certified MAP Practitioner.

My mastery is in coaching and supporting the overwhelmed, stressed out woman who feels “stuck”. She is usually struggling with her weight, doubtful, conflicted, and feeling powerless to turn her life around. Out of my desire to support women who are experiencing life like this, I created The Ageless Woman Movement. A movement that fosters renewal, hope and empowerment to women of all ages.

To find out more about my story you can check out my ABOUT page! My journey is there.

A mother at heart, my coaching style is compassionate, gentle, very effective, and you’ll leave each session saying.. “wow, like what just happened?!” You will feel empowered and loved.

My ideal client is dealing with any of the following:

  • Not ever feeling food enough, in spite of success in your career
  • Self Sabotagging and not reaching your goals
  • Living too frequently in a hurtful past, reliving memories
  • Not having trust in yourself or others
  • Stressed to the max, and you can’t find any time for yourself
  • Failed expectations and melancholy
  • Can not stay commited to self care
  • Know what she needs to do to be healthy, but JUST CAN’T DO IT

Does any of the above sound familiar?

A breakthrough is when you have that awaited Ah HA moment where you shift from feeling victimized: “they don’t love me, something is wrong with me” to a victor, when you realize: “how can they love me, when they don’t what love is? (or they are too in love with themselves, to love anyone else!).

As we work through the issues and those breakthrough moments occur in session, my person is in a state of unexpected happiness and excitement.

Breakthrough moments with the MAP Method of Coaching happens all the time! This body of work is based on decades of neuroscientific research. It’s fun, easy, non-intrusive and gentle! You will learn how to change the internal script of automatic negative thinking. As YOU change, the world around you changes!

Studies show that unresolved negative emotions and unresolved trauma causes inflammation in your body, weakening your immune system and leaving you more vulnerable to illness.

That is surely what happened to me!

I created the Ageless Woman Movement to be a guiding light for younger women, and create a magnificent circle of wise and wonderful women to help me lead the way for positive change in the way we face life and think about the process of aging. Click here to JOIN my face book group for daily inspiration!

Its my mission to break down the barriers and breakthrough the subconscious blocks that hold women back from being their best.

My purpose is to coach thousands of women, helping them to heal from the inside out, and be the best they can be for themselves, their children, and grandchildren. Emotional Healing creates a powerful ripple effect within the family and community!

I take this mission seriously, and will be there for you 100%, guiding you through each step of personal growth. After each session you will receive a detailed “recap” of the work that we did, so you can follow your progress, and reflect on the highlights.

As one client kindly put it, “Her insightful follow up summaries via email are like receiving a personalized, thoughtful gift, deepening the power of each session. Not only have I experienced profound personal release, but I have also seen the positive impact her sessions have had on my partner as he has addressed and released painful patterns from his past and moved into claiming his voice, his power and his gifts.

My coaching sessions are online via ZOOM, as my clients are global, and this ensures a safe and intimate environment. It’s nice that we don’t have to leave the comfort of our home, or drive miles to work with one another!

You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain, by investing in yourself.

I’m a warm, “Mother Earth” type of Coach awaiting the appropriate moment to gently walk you through coaching sessions that will be life changing. Get ready for a mind blowing experience that is gentle in nature and changes the way you see yourself, others and the world around you.

Breakthroughs = Emotional Freedom!
Is the investment of working with a Coach worth it?

People often prefer to invest in things they can see, or others can see, like: your wardrobe, teeth, hair, nails, accessories, etc..

You can’t “see” damaged emotions and trauma, but you can feel them on the inside and others can see this in your overall demeanor, especially in your eyes.

The eyes, they are the windows to your soul.

Imagine having a confident inner dialog motivating you all the time! Imagine not looking back anymore to visit: past pain, a lifetime of grievances and grudges that kept you stuck.

What would you feel like if the past was finally put to rest and you could focus on moving forward, able to be in the present moment and actually feel hopeful about a brighter future?

Yes! I’m ready to let go of the past and take the next step to create a brighter future for myself and my generational line
How do we Get Started to work together?

Simply schedule a 45 minute conversation via Zoom, where we get to know each other. The best way to schedule this Complimentary session is by emailing me directly: or self schedule on Calendly.

To read testimonies of what my clients are saying about their coaching experience with me, you can CLICK HERE :

In case you don’t know this…You are worth it!