Are you a woman over 40, feeling stuck and you don’t know why?  Are you looking for an experienced heart centered coach who understands what you’re going through? I’m a Certified IIN Health Coach and Life Coach specialized in working with women that are overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, and struggling with emotional eating.

My special niche is working with the mindset to create major shifts and changes that benefit and support your truest desires. Whatever has been standing in the way of your success and happiness, I promise, that your life CAN change. Together we can make all things possible!

Age became my friend, as I transitioned from a chronically stressed and depressed 40 something, to a happy and balanced 50 something with a renewed outlook on life.

Ladies, your age is meaningless and irrelevant! I encourage you to seek emotional freedom and start living your “best life”! Happiness looks beautiful on everyone! My two pictures below demonstrate the transformation that took place.

Burnt out and overwhelmed at 43
Ten years later at age 53, a total transformation of spirit and mind

I was great at mothering others, but not great at mothering myself. If you’re feeling like my 40 something self did, I can help you!

I sought help in my early 50’s, and did three years of traditional talk therapy, which wasn’t as helpful as I had hoped. The good news, is that nearly a decade later, I found a brilliant coaching method called The MAP Method. It works faster, easier and with longer lasting results….so I enrolled in the Certification program and became a MAP Practitioner.

My coaching style is compassionate, gentle, effective, and you’ll leave each session feeling supported, loved and ready for the next step.

My ideal client is:

  • Ready to try a new approach
  • Committed to her healing journey
  • Consistently shows up for herself and in the world
  • Ready to learn about herself in a new way
  • Ready for Inner Healing!

Breakthrough ah-ha moments with the MAP Method of Coaching happen all the time for my clients! This body of work is based on decades of neuroscientific research. It’s fun, easy, non-intrusive and gentle! You will learn how to change the internal script of automatic negative thinking.

Studies show that unresolved negative emotions and unresolved trauma causes inflammation in your body, weakening your immune system and leaving you more vulnerable to illness.

That is surely what happened to me!

I created the Ageless Woman Movement to create a magnificent circle of wise and wonderful women to help me lead the way for positive change in the way we think about aging and the process of life. Click here to JOIN my face book group for daily inspiration!

My mission is to break down barriers and lead thousands of women through inner healing. Emotional Healing creates a powerful ripple effect of healing within the family, community, and the world!

You can’t “see” damaged emotions and trauma, but you can feel them on the inside and others can see this in your overall demeanor, especially in your eyes.

The eyes, they are the windows to your soul.

Get ready for a mind blowing experience that is gentle in nature and changes the way you see yourself, others and the world around you.

Are you ready to let go of the past and take the next step to create a brighter future for yourself and your generational line?

My coaching sessions are online via ZOOM, as my clients are global, and this ensures a safe and intimate environment.

How do we Get Started to work together?

Simply schedule a 45 minute conversation via Zoom, where we get to know each other. The best way to schedule this Complimentary session is to go to Calendly (click on the floating pink button)

To read testimonies of what my clients are saying about their coaching experience with me, you can CLICK HERE :

In case you don’t know this…You are worth it!