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Welcome ladies, I am dedicated to supporting

I am a triple Certified Coach and the founder | creator of The Ageless Woman Movement Facebook Group.
I’m a devoted wife, caregiver, mom, grammie and dog mom.

Occasional Rainy days, loosing myself in art, sharing deep conversations and laughs with family and friends are my thing!

Why did I become
a Coach?

I suffered decades of various chronic health conditions, that were directly related to high levels of unmanaged chronic stress.  My emotions were running high, and all along my body had been keeping the score.  I let my cup run empty, before understanding the importance of self care, boundaries, or being able to say no.

My own journey took me far beyond diet and exercise. 

I started making simple changes to get my physical and mental health on track and fortunately  was able to reverse many of my chronic conditions naturally.  That’s when I made the decision to attend the highly acclaimed Institute of Integrative Nutrition, to become a Certified IIN Health Coach, so that I could help others get well.  I went on to add more certifications, as my interests expanded, so I could offer more services to my clients.

Why is my coaching style unique?

I offer a blend of integrative health coaching, while also utilizing the MAP method of coaching to leverage the self healing power of the brain.

Perhaps, you’re not even aware that a past event or experience is what led to a life long belief of “I’m never good enough” or  “It’s not safe to ask for help”.

With this method of coaching you can unlearn any beliefs and overcome negative emotions within minutes.

What makes MAP so unique, is that you don’t have to share the details of your trauma or issue out loud with your Coach/Practitioner, to benefit from the session. This is ideal for the intensely private individual.

My special gift as a coach, is guiding clients through the process of soul healing.

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The power of the Subconscious Mind

How you behave or react in different situations is rooted in the memories that are stored in your subconscious, this drives 95% of your behavior!  These memories can cause unnecessary distressful patterns.

Example: if you were an “abandoned” child ….or felt like one due to dismissive or working parents…..and then someone makes you “feel” that same way when you’re older,  you could experience a cascade of emotions and reactions that could result in sabotaging your relationships. 

Sometimes there are pleasant memories, that become linked with unhealthy subconscious patterns, as in the case of one of my clients. One of the routine joys my client shared with her dad, was the connection they had while sharing a box of fresh donuts.  When he passed away, she couldn’t eat enough donuts to fill in for that loss.  Each time she binged on donuts, she was reminded of the warm and loving memory.  There seemed to be no end in this unhealthy cycle.  However, in the first week of our work together in my program, she experienced a remarkable shift, which shocked me – she effortlessly went down 1.5 sizes in her shoes!  As the binging pattern changed and she worked through the difficult emotions, the inflammation and swelling in her extremities gradually diminished.

Traditional diets often overlook the underlying trauma that fuels the root of emotional eating .  If you’ve spent 10+ years yo yo dieting, or in traditional talk therapy for other issues, but haven’t had the permanent results you were expecting, there’s a coaching method that cuts to the chase quicker, and that is MAP.

Health and Wellness

I am trained in all aspects of teaching healthy lifestyle practices, that affect your well being.

Rewire the Brain for Emotional Wellness

I am certified to rewire the brain, which can help with: emotional trauma, fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, relationship distress, fulfilling your dreams, social anxiety, emotional eating, body image issues and managing negative thoughts .

Rewire the Brain for Stress Relief

The American Institute of Stress reports that 55% of Americans feel chronic stress everyday (chronic) and 75-90% of all visits to Primary Care are stress related. I teach clients how to recognize their patterns of stress, and how to effectively manage it.

Learn How to Protect Your Brain

95% of your health, including brain health, is impacted by your lifestyle practices, not your DNA. I have personal motivations for teaching you how to protect and cherish your most precious asset: your remarkable brain, the most complex organ in the universe!

My Credentials

  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Certified Chair Yoga Teacher with additional training in the Neuroscience of Yoga
  • Certified Stress Management Specialist
  • Certified MAP Practitioner
  • Currently working on my Certification to become a Brain Health Coach Professional
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