Beyond Weight Loss Course

You won’t see another course like this one! “BEYOND WEIGHT LOSS” is a 16 Week Course that will transform the way you think about weight loss, health and YOU!

This course consists of twelve 90 minute MAP Sessions, four one-hour Health Coaching Sessions and tons of extra bonuses!

This powerful journey will “pop the lid” to expose the underlying emotional triggers for compulsive over eating, binging and clear any subconscious beliefs that led to forming an unhealthy lifestyle and eating patterns in the first place.

The MAP Sessions will find and neutralize the deep seated beliefs, memories, and emotional trauma that resulted in emotional eating and the body subconsciously holding onto weight. The MAP Method is not hypnotherapy, it is based upon neuroplasticity, and scientifically retrains the brain for positive change. MAP is very effective, gentle and the changes are permanent!

The Health Coaching sessions will create a foundation and teach basic principles for living a cleaner lifestyle to support your overall health & well-being.

This means….no more: Yo Yo dieting, emotional eating, mean girl inner critic or subconscious blocks to sabotage you!

This is not boot camp. This is a loving approach to inner healing, building rock solid healthy habits, self esteem and living your life with more pleasure!

I have poured my heart and soul into creating this course. I want to help you crack your code, succeed and feel totally supported! You will be paired up with an accountability partner through out the program.

This is what you can expect to receive upon registering:

  • A health coaching client “intake form” to be completed and returned to me before you start the course
  • Schedule your first private 1:1 Health Coaching session where we evaluate your individual needs before the course starts.

The program includes three private 1:1 sessions. The first private session will be scheduled after the intake form has been completed and returned back to me, and the other 2 private sessions can be scheduled at any time during the program to work on a difficult topic that you’re challenged with. All coaching sessions will be on ZOOM.

Community Support is essential to success! You will be added into our PRIVATE Facebook Group “Beyond Weight Loss, where I will be posting regularly, and sharing our experiences, trials, successes, recipes, and support each other! It is the primary way of staying connected between the sessions, which is crucial to your success in the program. It’s not mandatory for you to be on Facebook – but the group is there to support you if you wish.


  • Create Your Life Worksheet
  • Comprehensive Stress Questionaire
  • Food/Mood Journal Sheets
  • Health Coaching Tips for Success
  • Serenity Prayer Meditation for your library
  • Body Image Meditation for your library
  • Mini MAP Session recorded and available to you to help with a crisis moment in between sessions when you feel out of control
  • PowerPoint Presentation: Sugar Blues
  • PowerPoint Presentation: All about Stress
  • PowerPoint Presentation: Toxic Burden

There is a TON OF VALUE in this program!

Investment per person for this Exclusive 16 Session ONLINE LIVE Course is worth $2,200.00, but is being offered to you at a one time price of: $1,200.00, thats just $75.00 per session!

If this course really speaks to you, and you need to make payment arrangements, reach out to me at and we can make that happen.

It is highly recommended that you plan on attending LIVE, as most of those who miss….never get around to making up the sessions. Each session is critical to your success.

***Weight loss does occur during the program and varies depending on the individual.