I love holding this yearly event!

Making peace with the past is a sure fire way to have more freedom and create not only a pathway to peace, but opening your pathway to a bigger, brighter future.

This purposeful event will include thought provoking journaling as you look over this past year. There will be moments of short guided meditations woven in to help you go within to find your wisdom.

We then move into Creating Your Life Worksheet (your vision for 2022) which will help you prioritize your dream goals, and create the steps to get there. You will also be creating your inspirational WORD for 2022. YAY! Very good stuff!

Through this process you will also discover the emotions and beliefs that have been limiting you, and there will be a MAP session to address those subconscious blocks.

You will access a source of wisdom that arises spontaneously in response to your needs of the moment, bringing forth laser-like clarity as you reflect and create your vision for your future. 

This is one of my most popular events. Very good stuff!

We will end with a lovely and relaxing guided meditation to tie a lovely bow around everything you have created.

I hope to see your smiling faces there, ready to get motivated and align with your true desires.

Investment: $125 per person