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Group Sessions

All group sessions are live with me, via ZOOM..

These sessions are a combination of MAP, Mindfulness and Meditation and are $49.00 per person to attend.


March, 2024

Harness the Internal Renewal of Spring

Many of us grew up with the idea of spring cleaning our home, but this session is about the most important home….the inside of YOU!  This session focuses on cleaning up and processing the emotions that are blocking you from joy. Negative thoughts and emotions zap your energy and dim your light.  This event is about the renewal of your soul!


May, 2024

Self Care & Body Image MAP Session

This session explores the subject of self confidence, self compassion, self worth and body image and letting go of any harsh judgements towards yourself. Through this MAP and Meditation session, you will develop a new way of looking at yourself.  Say good bye to your inner “mean girl” crictic! You’ll become your own best friend that’s worthy of love and acts of self care.


June, 2024

Overcome Social Anxiety MAP Session

Social Anxiety affects 15 million Americans, that’s only in the U.S.  Clearly, you’re not alone.  Anxiety, fear and worry is strongly associated with stability, survival, feeling that we belong, and that we’re safe.  This pattern can be a result of early childhood experiences or school experiences…such as being publicly shamed or humiliated by a teacher, coach, parent or friend.  The fear of judgement or humiliation can be paralyzing for some people.  This session will change that and empower you!


July, 2024

Transform Automatic Negative Thoughts MAP Session

Thoughts are often erroneous and not true. If you don’t question a negative thought, your brain will believe it to be true and act accordingly.  Negative thoughts, if you’re not careful, can become beliefs.  You will learn the different types of negative thoughts and learn how to rewire your brain to think differently!  This session will teach you how to think accurately.

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