Meditation and Trust

Meditation And Trust

Meditation can be a challenge in the beginning for many people. It is said, that it takes approximately 20 minutes for some people to “feel safe” enough in a public environment to fully tune into meditation. If you’ve experienced that feeling …you’re not alone. Some find it more relaxing to meditate in the privacy of their home for this reason.

You may also notice that while being in a quiet state of mind, feelings of skepticism and irritability can suddenly pop up in your thoughts. This is part of the process; acknowledging thoughts and feelings that are present and intentionally letting them go. Then suddenly that moment happens where you experience that lovely, quiet, accepting space between your thoughts, that many people write about.

Be patient, this doesn’t happen overnight. Everyone experiences their journey with meditation differently and thats ok. I promise you, that if you stick with it, you will see profound changes. You will develop a deep sense of trust in the subtle power of meditation and actually look forward to this quiet space and time.

Debbie Laino

Debbie Laino

I am a triple Certified Coach and the founder | creator of The Ageless Woman Movement Facebook Group.
I’m a devoted wife, caregiver, mom, grammie and dog mom.

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