MAP Session v.s. Health Coaching Session

Map Vs Health Coaching

I sometimes get questions or comments about MAP Sessions and Health Coaching Sessions, feeling like therapy sessions.

All three: MAP Sessions, Health Coaching and Traditional Therapy are all very helpful in the field of personal development. There are many helpful modalities and therapists out there today that can bridge the gap of what you might be missing from a traditional therapy setting.

Let me attempt to clarify a Map session and a Health Coaching Session. Both of these approaches feel like therapy because the past is often discussed, as in a therapy session. Traditional Therapists have a certain set of skills and tools, different from that of a Health Coach or MAP Practitioner.

MAP (Making All things Possible): Let’s begin this conversation with why I utilize my training as a MAP Practitioner in a coaching session.

MAP is particularly helpful in resolving negative thought patterns and hurts that most likely occurred in childhood and then reinforced through challenging experiences, even up to the present day.

When the mindset is hardwired with thoughts and perceptions that are limiting and negative, this prevents a client from moving forward. They feel stuck, and often don’t know why. The MAP process unravels this and brings about tremendous insight along with neutralizing the painful and limiting emotions and beliefs that evolved from events of the past. I’m trained to use a language that the super conscious understands, to rewire the pathways in the brain, allowing the client to create more creative solutions for their future.

A great example of how MAP is extremely helpful, is in the case of a person who struggles to maintain a healthy weight. Maybe they have tried diet after diet…..manages to loose weight with extreme discipline, or with support from a health coach – but the moment the support is gone and the program is over…. the client eventually goes back within a year to previous eating patterns and gains most, if not all the weight back. YO-YO dieting. MAP gets to the underlying emotions and thought patterns that are involved and resolves the reasons for self sabotaging behavior.

MAP is different from traditional therapy, because it is not “talk” therapy. In fact there doesn’t have to be much conversation at all for MAP to be effective, and the practitioner doesn’t need to know your event details for the process to be effective. This cuts down time wasted in details and avoids potential triggering from discussing painful memories. Negative Core beliefs about yourself and the world around you, may be the root cause for being stuck where you are. No Health Coaching program that I know of, is fully designed to have the deeper tools for dealing with this. It requires more training and certifications. 

That’s why I work with the mindset of my client first!

Healing Trauma

Let’s move on now to Health Coaching! I’m a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach trained to look at each client holistically, through the lens of bio-individuality.

Health Coaches will want to know your health history, so they can make appropriate recommendations that are the best for you.

An Integrative Health Coach works with the present to shape the future through goal setting and making changes through many small steps. We identify your obstacles, and create a plan of action to reach each goal. The focus is bringing balance and pleasure into all areas of your life – not just working with “weight loss” and “lifestyle” habits. Health Coaches are passionate about their clients health and happiness.

The Health Coaching process takes most clients a minimum of 6 months to become reeducated, firmly adopt new behaviors and a new mindset. After all, ones habits that led to chronic conditions, didn’t happen overnight, they took a lifetime to develop.

Healthy Mind Healthy Body1

To sum all of this up, Health Coaching Sessions, work with the present to shape the future. We discuss where your health is now, where you want or need to be, and how to get there.

MAP Coaching Sessions work with the past and resolves the negative emotions, negative beliefs and patterns that developed from childhood onward to today. MAP can also help you chart your future once all of the unhelpful beliefs and emotions are out of the way.

Was this explanation helpful to you? Are you interested in knowing more?

Feel free to contact me by DM or email, for a one on one discovery session call to see if this approach would be a good fit for you.

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